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Jamie Lee Curtis won’t be attending the Critics Choice Awards for THIS reason

Jamie Lee Curtis won’t be attending the Critics Choice Awards for THIS reason

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared that she will not be able to attend the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday after testing positive for Covid-19.

Friday, the terrible friday The actress took to Instagram and posted a picture of three different home tests she took for Covid, each showing the same positive result.

It is pertinent to mention that Jamie is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her outstanding performance in the film. Everything everywhere all at once.

Earlier this week, the versatile star was also nominated for a Golden Globe in the same category, but lost out to Angela Bassett.

In the legend, the true lies wrote: “Unfortunately, this head cheerleader will not be at the weekend festivities at all to cheer on her friends and colleagues. Life at the rhythm of life.

There are reports that it is necessary for stars to show their Covid result to attend any Hollywood event or gathering.

The Halloween The actress added, “I’m glad there are all these home tests available so I don’t go to the American Film Institute lunch and spread my germs. I was so looking forward to going to the Bafta tea and at the Critics’ Choice Awards as a nominee and part of a motley crew!”

“I’m so proud of these people and can’t wait to cheer them on through my TV. Stay safe out there people,” the 64-year-old added.

Singer Demi Lovato commented, “Feeling better mom.”

“Oh shit! Recover quickly and uneventfully,” actress Selma Blair remarked.

It is believed that Jamie will be on the shortlist of Oscar nominations, which will be announced on January 24.

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