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James Gunn Teases ‘Wonder Woman’ Animation Project

James Gunn Teases ‘Wonder Woman’ Animation Project

A new anime wonder woman project may be in development in DC.

On Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker answered a fan question about the female superhero.

“Diana is a character with such a rich cast with so much untapped potential and stories, it’s high time to explore her,” the fan wrote.

Gunn replied to the tweet, “Okay. I’m working on it.”

However, after another Twitter user wondered if DC was working on an animated show, Gunn replied, “No, we’re working on bringing Wonder Woman into more animation.

I agree there hasn’t been enough of her in that area, and that’s one of the first things I brought up to the animation people.”

Meanwhile, James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DCU roadmap doesn’t include Wonder Woman-centric projects.

However, Gal Gadot could still reprise her role as DCU, with Gunn saying, “We spoke to Gal [Gadot]. She’s ready to do stuff. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it. »

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