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IU And Lee Jong Suk Write Heartfelt Letters To Fans About Their Relationship

IU And Lee Jong Suk Write Heartfelt Letters To Fans About Their Relationship

Lee Jong Suk and IU have been making headlines ever since they confirmed the dating rumors, and now the pair are set to share personal letters with their fans.

January 2, Soompi reported that the two stars shared heartfelt letters to their fans following the announcement of their relationship.

IU’s letter read: “Those who have seen the articles today must know, but I am currently going out. I think our UAENA who are always worried about me and curious about how I am doing must have been really surprised, so I feel very cautious about it but, yeah…it happened!”

The singer also said, “He was a longtime colleague and we build positive feelings while leaning on each other.”

“Since you all have found out now, we will be dating quietly and beautifully so as not to worry my fans….!. IU continued.

On the other hand, Lee wrote, “I’m so sorry to surprise you at the end of the year. Thanks to the fans who shouted and clapped for me at the Drama Awards so that I didn’t lose my confidence.”

Lee added: “We first met when I was in my twenties, and it was way beyond puppy love, but I had some regrets because it couldn’t be achieved. We were friends for a long time, and now it turned out like this.”

“I have to present it well, but it’s also the first time for me, so I’m afraid the fans were really surprised and maybe a little upset,” the actor continued.

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