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“It’s his brother at the end of the day”

Charles won’t leave Andrew ‘homeless’: ‘He’s his brother at the end of the day’

King Charles will not leave Prince Andrew without money or home because the Duke is his brother and he will make sure he gets something.

Royal expert Rebecca English has said that while Charles has no desire to leave the Duke of York ‘penniless’, the brothers may be fighting over Queen Elizabeth’s £650million inheritance.

“I have been strongly guided that Andrew will not remain homeless, he will not remain penniless, he is [the King’s] brother at the end of the day,” she said Confidential palace.

“But maybe what the King considers a fair settlement and what Andrew considers a fair settlement are not the same thing,” the expert added.

Previously, it was revealed that Andrew was ‘desperate’ after Charles received their late mother’s large fortune.

“Andrew is desperate. He’s been left completely in the dark,” a close friend of Andrew’s told The Sun. “Andrew is family, for God’s sake, but he had no idea this was going to happen.”

“I guess he checked out and it’s true. Everything went from ‘monarch to monarch,'” the insider said. “What did he want to do? Go hat in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head?

“Things are going from bad to worse. It is a disaster.”

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