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Is Soundarya Sharma dating 52 year old Sajid Khan? The actress gave a befitting reply on Shaleen’s question


All the contestants of Bigg Boss were involved in the party held at Shekhar Suman’s house. But the question raised by Shaleen in the party created panic in the social media.

Is Soundarya Sharma dating 52 year old Sajid Khan?  The actress gave a befitting reply on Shaleen's question

Shekhar Suman bigg boss 16 For the contestants, a success party was kept in his house. Where all the contestants of Bigg Boss participated. Along with this, some celebrity friends of Shekhar Suman also participated in this party. Now there will be so many stars in the party, so taking videos and photos is also necessary. During the same party, Soundarya Sharma was also shooting some videos to upload on social media. But due to a video posted by her, questions started pouring in on Soundarya’s social media.

In fact, while making a video of the party, Soundarya suddenly turned her camera towards Shaleen. Then Shaleen suddenly said that let’s make this video controversial today and Shaleen asked Soundarya, are she and Sajid Khan dating each other? Hearing her words, both Soundarya and Sajid stopped the video immediately, keeping Shaleen silent.

Fans showered comments

Let us tell you that, rumors of dating of Soundarya and 52-year-old Sajid are flying on the internet. Due to which both the contestants have come in a lot of headlines. A fan said, “Shalin everything aside but I hope this is just a rumour..Soundarya deserves better than this”. While someone else wrote that, “sometimes jokingly many people tell the truth”.

Some people also notice that in the video, Soundarya calls Sajid babe, “She called Sajid “babe”?”… “Hey #Soundarya calls Sajid “babes” and then says “babes” Look up” with a hand on his shoulder! What did I just hear?

Know the reaction of Soundarya

However, Soundarya has also expressed her displeasure over the rumors and said that she is upset seeing all these things. His name is being spread in wrong ways without any reason.

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