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Ireland Baldwin speaks candidly about pregnancy and mental illness: Read

Ireland Baldwin speaks candidly about pregnancy and mental illness: Read

Ireland Baldwin recently reflected on her difficult journey to motherhood on social media.

On Wednesday, Alec Baldwin’s daughter took to Instagram and opened up about the struggles she’s been facing during pregnancy so far.

“I share my innermost feelings with the hope that someone will read this and feel less alone,” the 27-year-old began.

Ireland, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Andre Allen Anjos, continued: “Pregnancy is hard…It takes so much of you. I wasn’t ready for this. I underestimated how much the pregnancy would be hard on my mind and body.

Ireland mentioned that she “deals with extreme health-related anxiety on a daily basis as the pregnancy has added fuel to the fire”.

“I found it difficult to adapt to these changes. bodily sensations. Pains and aches. I know everyone has a different experience, and mine is easy compared to most, but it’s a struggle,” Ireland wrote.

As well as the physical pain, Ireland shared that the pregnancy also had an impact on her mental health, calling it “mental warfare”.

“My brain and my thoughts go to war every day. Mental warfare,” she remarked.

Ireland also mentioned: “It’s hard not being really close to family to begin with because they live far away or are idiots that I don’t want anything to do with.”

She commented, “It’s even harder to see some of your friends pass out or not know how to behave around you.”

Interestingly, Ireland praised her boyfriend and said, “He’s everything to me.”

Nevertheless, Ireland stressed that she was “excited” to be a “mom”.

She claimed: “My career is going nowhere and the friends who matter most will be there and you will have more room for new friendships.”

“It’s all still worth it, but it’s okay to admit how difficult and scary it all can be,” she added.

Ireland concluded: “You are not alone.”

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