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Industry Insider Claims BTS’s Jimin Solo Will Be Explosive

Pdogg is an award-winning composer, producer and songwriter

Popular music producer Pdogg gave his thoughts on the impact of BTS member Jimin’s new album Confront. The producer has been working with BTS since even before their debut, being the one who discovered band leader RM.

He uploaded a status stating that Jimin’s main track Free me part 2 will be released soon and that “Park Jimin has finished establishing the order for K-Pop 2023.” According to Koreaboo, fans interpreted the line to mean that the year 2023 for K-pop would end with Jimin’s solo.

Pdogg is a highly awarded composer, producer and songwriter who has known the members for ten years. Speaking of them, he said:

“I had seen a lot of artists before knowing BTS, but I had never seen a group that really loves music so much. Each member has a passion for music and they work really hard. motivated by the group because he shows relentless effort and achieves excellent results.

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