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Indian Army soldiers paid tribute to Sonu Sood, actor’s name written on the Himalayas


Sonu Sood: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood always gets the love of his fans. Meanwhile, the actor has shared a picture, which has caught everyone’s attention.

Indian Army soldiers paid tribute to Sonu Sood, actor's name written on the Himalayas

Sonu Sood: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is known for his work as well as his generosity. The actor has done that in the last few years, which no Bollywood actor has done till date. Sonu Sood emerged as a messiah for the people during the pandemic. He helped everyone with an open heart. Worked day and night for the people. Alam is that now Sonu Sood is not just an actor, but now he is no less than a god for some people.

Often his fans keep looking for a way to say thanks to him. Meanwhile, he has been honored once again. Indian Army soldiers have written Sonu Sood’s name on the Himalayas. Sonu himself has posted the picture of this special moment on his social media account. Which is being liked a lot. The actor posted this picture on Instagram. It can be seen in the picture that some soldiers of the Indian Army have written Real Hero Sonu Sood on the snow.

Sharing this picture, Sonu Sood wrote in the caption that, somewhere in the Himalayas, these pictures made my mind. Humble, my inspiration, Indian Army. This tribute given by the army soldiers has touched the heart of Sonu Sood. One thing is clear from this picture that the favorite actor of these soldiers is Sonu. Fans are also showering their immense love on this post. The fans of the actor are also commenting and liking fiercely.

Let me tell you, Sonu Sood helped millions of people during the lockdown. He brought home all those people who were stuck at different places due to the lockdown. Apart from this, he and his team also bore the full expenses of everyone’s travel and food. Not only this, the actor had issued many helpline numbers. Through which people used to request him for help.

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