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‘If the plane crashes then…’ messaged to friends and ‘Rasna Girl’ died in an air crash


Rasna Girl Taruni Sachdev Plane Crash: Rasna Girl fame Taruni Sachdev said goodbye to the world at a very young age due to a plane crash. According to her father, Taruna had probably already realized this incident and had also sent a message to her friend.

'If the plane crashes then...' messaged to friends and 'Rasna Girl' died in an air crash

Rasna Girl Taruni Sachdev Plane Crash: From the small screen, to TV commercials and films, we come across child actors every day, who may be young in age, but they entertain people a lot. a similar child artist Was famous as ‘Rasna Girl’ Taruni Sachdevwho lost his life in a plane accident only at the age of 14.

Taruni Sachdev was such a child artist, who had made a lot of recognition at the age of playing and jumping on the basis of her talent. Taruni started her career only at the age of five and along with Rasna, she appeared in advertisements for many brands like Shakti Masala, Colgate, Reliance Mobile and ICICI Bank. However, the hearts of his loved ones were broken when the news of his demise came to the fore. On May 14, 2012, Taruni was going to Nepal with her mother and due to a plane crash, both Taruni and her mother said goodbye to the world.

Taruni had messaged a friend

Taruni’s father Harish Sachdev recently told in a conversation with Aaj Tak that perhaps Taruni had already realized that something bad was going to happen. He said that his wife was going to visit Nepal with her team and had taken Taruni along with her, but Taruni did not want to go there, rather she intended to go to Goa. Taruni’s father also told that after boarding the plane, Taruni had also messaged a friend and said, “If the plane crashes… I love you.”

However, if reports are to be believed, Taruni had hugged her friends before leaving for Nepal trip and jokingly said that this is their last meeting, as well as Taruni had told friends I love you. . Friends said that Taruni never used to do this before going somewhere. However, even though Rasna Girl is no longer in this world, people still remember her.

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