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‘If I don’t see Pathan, I will die…’ SRK’s die hard fan gave such a threat, people got scared


These days there is tremendous craze among Shahrukh Khan’s fans regarding Pathan. Recently, a fan of Shahrukh has threatened that he will give his life if he does not see Pathan. This video is becoming increasingly viral.

'If I don't see Pathan, I will die...' SRK's die hard fan gave such a threat, people got scared

King Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shahrukh Khan (shah rukh khan) is in constant discussion about his upcoming film Pathan. Tremendous craze is also being seen among the fans regarding the film. ‘Pathan’ (pathans) is currently trending on social media. Recently, a Bihari die hard fan of Shahrukh Khan has given a threat on social media. The video of this fan is becoming increasingly viral on social media. On the one hand, people have definitely got scared after seeing this video, but seeing its style, people are also tickled.

In the video going viral, you can see how this Jabra fan is eager to watch Shahrukh’s film. In the video, this fan is saying, “If I will not be able to see the Pathan movie and will not be able to meet Shahrukh Khan, then I will die by jumping into this pond on the 25th.” Not only this, further he is telling the condition of his heart while talking more in the video.

watch video here

‘Will jump into this pond on 25th’

Further, the fan is saying, ‘Yaar, it was a dream to meet Shahrukh Khan and watch Pathan movie, but due to money, I am not able to get the ticket for Pathan movie, nor is anyone able to help me. So I will commit suicide by jumping in this pond on 25th and will not be able to meet Shahrukh Khan. At least get one ticket for Pathan, man, please help me bro.

Advance booking opened a day before

Let us tell you that there is tremendous excitement among the fans to see Shahrukh’s strong comeback. That’s why the advance booking of the film starting from January 20 was opened a day in advance. People are getting crazy for Shahrukh. Many are shedding tears for him, while one of his big fans has booked the entire theater to watch the film. Now it will be very interesting to see what happens on 25th January.

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