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IAS Tina Dabi reached showroom to buy saree, then welcomed like this, watch viral video


IAS Tina Dabi is no less than a celebrity. Along with their photos, videos also become viral on social media instantly. This video of Tina Dabi has been shared by someone on YouTube, which is becoming increasingly viral.

IAS Tina Dabi reached showroom to buy saree, then welcomed like this, watch viral video

Jaisalmer’s DM IAS Tina Dabi (Tina Dabi) is no less than a Bollywood celebrity. It does not take much time for any of his photos or videos to go viral on social media. Recently she was spotted in a showroom, where she was seen buying a saree. Let us tell you that UPSC topper IAS Tina Dabi of the year 2015 is always seen making headlines for one reason or the other.

In the viral video, IAS Tina Dabi is seen at a saree shop. In this video you can see how wonderful the grand welcome Tina Dabi gets. The people around him are welcoming him in a grand manner. Not just this, Tina Dabi is called Beauty with Brain.

watch viral video here

A person named Lokesh Chauhan has shared the video of IAS Tina Dabi on YouTube. After being shared, this video has started trending on social media. In this viral video, Tina Dabi, one of the most famous IAS officers of the country, is seen sitting in a saree showroom. Seeing him in their midst, the employees present in the shop got busy in making his video.

Tina is no less than a celebrity for people

This view is very special for the people present there. Also, the shop from where Tina is shopping must be considering herself the luckiest. Not only in her district, Tina is not only the collector of her district, but she is no less than a celebrity for the people there. Seeing him in his shop, the shopkeeper also made arrangements for tea and snacks for him.

how many views did the video get

This viral video has got millions of views so far. Please tell that till now more than 39 lakh people have seen it. At the same time, 79 thousand people have also liked this video. It is being known from this that how tremendous Tina’s fan following is. This video has been uploaded as youtube shorts. Which everyone is sharing and liking.

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