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“I was determined to hurt him”

Prince Harry admits he turned on his bodyguard: ‘I was determined to hurt him’

Prince Harry recently admitted he turned on his bodyguard after visiting the tunnel in Paris where his mother died.

In his bombshell book Spare, Prince Harry told a story about his guard, identified as Billy the Rock by Daily mail.

Harry detailed the painful memory of him retracing his mother’s last journey and how he launched an attack on Billy.

The Duke of Sussex wrote: ‘When Billy the Rock walked me back to the hotel I tried to fight him. I growled at him, jumped on him, slapped his head.

“He barely reacted. He just frowned like an ultra patient parent. I slapped him again. I loved him but I was determined to hurt him.

“He had seen me like this before. Once, maybe twice. I overheard him say to another bodyguard, ‘It’s a handful tonight,'” Prince Harry detailed.

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