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‘I was brainwashed’ – Jacqueline’s sensational disclosure, said- Sukesh used to video call 2-3 times daily


After Nora Fatehi, Jacqueline Fernandez has also become a witness in the money laundering case involving Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Jacqueline has made many sensational revelations against Sukesh in the court.

'I was brainwashed' - Jacqueline's sensational disclosure, said- Sukesh used to video call 2-3 times daily

Jacqueline Fernandez Case: Sukesh Chandrasekhar Now after Nora Fatehi in money laundering case related to Jacqueline Fernandez have also become witnesses. This has been revealed from the third charge sheet filed in the case. Jacqueline had made several sensational claims against Sukesh Chandrasekhar in her statement on January 2 in the court. He had said that Sukesh Chandrasekhar used to video call him two-three times a day.

Jacqueline said in her statement that whenever Sukesh Chandrasekhar used to call her, he used to be in designer dress. Sukesh never used to wear the same dress worn once. Apart from this, he has also told that Sukesh used to video call him from the same room. For this, he used to make excuses that there is a problem with the WiFi network at another place.

Jacqueline spoke about brainwash

Jacqueline has told in her statement that when she came to know that Sukesh was involved in criminal activities, Pinky Irani tried to convince her by lying. According to Jacqueline, Pinky told her that it all happened due to misunderstanding and was a political conspiracy. Jacqueline claimed that Irani would constantly try to persuade her and brainwash her.

Sukesh had booked a private jet for Jacqueline

Jacqueline said that Irani wanted her to believe that Sukesh is a good man. Irani had explained to Jacqueline that Sukesh is a gentleman and he is a billionaire. During this, Jacqueline also told that she had met Sukesh twice in June 2021. During that time Sukesh’s uncle had died. To go to his funeral, Sukesh had booked a private jet for Jacqueline, through which she went for the funeral.

Jacqueline said that although Sukesh later said that for some reason his uncle’s last rites could not be performed during the day. Later Sukesh took them on a drive to show them the city. During this, he was accompanied by 15 armed guards, who were walking with him in two vehicles. She also claimed that whenever she tried to meet Sukesh’s family, he used to make some excuse or the other.

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