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Hunter Doohan praises Jenna Ortega, ‘off camera, it’s super easy’

‘Wednesday’: Hunter Doohan praises Jenna Ortega, ‘off camera, it’s super easy’

Netflix hit series Wednesday Actor Hunter Doohan opened up about his on-screen and off-screen chemistry with the show’s leading lady, Jenna Ortega.

Hunter, who plays fan-favorite “normie” barista Tyler Galpin on the acclaimed series, reflected on his experience working with Ortega, calling it “super easy.”

In an interview with holly wirethem The truth to tell The star said, “I mean, off camera it’s super easy, because Jenna is so adorable.”

Hunter revealed that he and Ortega became close before moving to Europe to film the Tim Burton show. “I mean, we met for coffee in Burbank before we went to Romania. And, yes, I just love it.

Gushing about his co-star, who plays Wednesday Addams on the show, he said: “She’s so easy to work with, she’s so talented. I learned so much from her.

Hunter explained, “We were trying to build a romance with Wednesday Addams, and sometimes I was like, ‘Okay, are we building this enough? And Jenna would be like, ‘I can do it with a look.’ And then I was watching the show, and I was like, “Fuck, yeah, she can!”

Wednesday has been officially renewed for season two. “We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the wacky, spooky world of Nevermore,” said co-showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

Wednesday the first season is currently streaming on Netflix.

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