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Hugh Jackman “struggles to stay on track” after losing his dad: Insider

Hugh Jackman “struggles to stay on track” after losing his dad: Insider

Hugh Jackman is reportedly “struggling to stay on track” as he undergoes therapy to deal with childhood trauma and the loss of his father.

An insider knocked down to Speed ​​cameras online that The glutton The star decided to make his mental health a priority after going through heartbreak as a child when his family was torn apart.

According to the outlet, the actor’s parents divorced when he was just eight years old and his mother Grace left him and his brothers in the care of his father.

“Hugh never got over those abandonment issues,” the source said. “He carried that weight with him to this day, and it eventually wore him down to the point where he decided he needed professional help.”

Previously, Hugh had spoken about his mother leaving him at such a young age and how it affected him. “I remember the morning she left, it’s weird the things you pick up,” he said.

“I remember she was in a towel around her head saying goodbye,” he shared on 60 minutes from Australia. “The next day there was a telegram from England. Mum was there.”

“And then that was it,” Hugh added. “Dad used to pray every night for Mom to come back.”

The two got back together years later when Jackman’s father learned that his wife was suffering from “undiagnosed postnatal depression”.

The Logan The star and his brothers used to live with Chris, who was the actor’s “best friend”, an insider revealed before adding, “He hasn’t been able to fill that void since.”

The source then shared this after Chris passed away on September 5, 2021, which left Hugh devastated.

“Hugh’s dad was there for him every step of the way,” the insider added. “He was struggling and still struggling to stay on track, but therapy saved his life!”

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