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Hugh Grant Draws Critics for Oscars Red Carpet Interview

Hugh Grant Draws Critics for Oscars Red Carpet Interview

Hugh Grant is under fire for giving a “rude” interview on the Oscars red carpet.

Ashley Graham interviewed the British star on the red carpet, where the Glass Onion actor, known for his wry humor, gave the interviewer short and blunt answers.

Graham asked the 62-year-old about his excitement for certain actors winning, to which he replied, “No, not one in particular.”

The host tried another, “OK, well, what are you wearing tonight, then?”

In response, the actor said, “Just my costume.”

The 35-year-old then asked Grant about the Knives Out Glass Onion sequel, where the actor made a guest appearance.

“So tell me what was it like being in Glass Onion?” she asked, adding, “It was such an amazing movie. I absolutely loved it. What’s it like to shoot something like that?”

Grant said, “Well, I’m barely into it. I’m into it for about three seconds.”

Graham replied, “Yeah, but still, you came and had fun, right?”, to which Grant said, “Uh, almost.”

Meanwhile, netizens slammed the BAFTA winner for his unclassy attitude.

“Was that Hugh Grant interview the most uncomfortable thing ever?!? one user commented.

“Don’t do the interview if you clearly don’t want to be interviewed,” another wrote.

“Hugh Grant was so rude in his interview! Ashley Graham handled it with grace. His eye roll at the end was obnoxious!” said a third person.

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