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‘How Sheejan came to know Tunisha spoke to Ali before suicide’ – Lawyer questions claim


Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Tunisha Sharma’s lawyer has questioned the claim of Sheejan Khan’s lawyer and said how Sheejan came to know that Tunisha had talked to Ali before committing suicide.

'How Sheejan came to know Tunisha spoke to Ali before suicide' - Lawyer questions claim

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul fame TV actress Tunisha Sharma accused in the suicide case Sheezan Khan is in judicial custody. On January 9, hearing on Sheejan’s bail application was held in Vasai Court, which was postponed till January 11. During this, Sheejan’s lawyer claimed that after the breakup with Sheejan, Tunisha was in contact with a person named Ali and Tunisha had talked to that person on video call 15 minutes before the suicide. Now Tunisha’s lawyer has raised questions on this.

Speaking to the media regarding this claim of Sheejan’s lawyer, Tunisha’s lawyer said, “Today, in the last argument, Sheejan’s lawyer had argued that Sheejan had left the room. Ali talked to Tunisha for 15 minutes when Sheejan left the room, then how did he come to know about this when she had left the room, when she had died.

We will present our side on 11th date – Tunisha’s lawyer

Tunisha’s lawyer raised further questions and said, “Whether Sheejan had taken Tunisha to the hospital by car, did Tunisha talk to Sheejan during this time, we already suspected this thing. Now on the 11th we will present our side. Further, Tunisha’s lawyer also said that he is confident that Tunisha will get justice from the court.

Claims to have known Ali through the Tinder app

Let me tell you, on behalf of Sheejan’s lawyer, it was said in the court that after Tunisha and Sheejan had a breakup, Tunisha had made her profile on Tinder, through which she was identified with a person named Ali. Sheejan’s lawyer claimed that Tunisha spoke to Ali from 21 to 23 December.

It was also said on behalf of Sheejan’s lawyer that Tunisha’s mother also knew about this and Tunisha had called her mother on 23 December from Ali’s phone. Please tell that Tunisha had committed suicide on 24 December.

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