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How different is Deepika’s look in the trailer from Pathan’s ‘Besharam Rang’?


The trailer of Pathan has been released. Everyone’s attention was on Deepika’s looks in the trailer. The ruckus that was seen regarding the songs, speculations were being made whether the trailer would live up to the expectations of the people. Let us know what changes were made in Deepika’s look in the trailer.

How different is Deepika's look in the trailer from Pathan's 'Besharam Rang'?

The trailer of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has been released. Controversy is going on about the film and it started with the film’s song ‘Besharam Rang’. Deepika Padukone was wearing a saffron bikini in this. Some groups objected to this and soon the protest gained momentum. After this, the scissors of the censor board were used on some scenes of the film. Now the trailer of Pathan has been released. Let us know what changes were made in Deepika’s look in the trailer.

How is Deepika’s getup?

Pathan’s trailer is getting views very fast. It has got 3.6 million views within 3 hours. Talking about Deepika’s look in the trailer, her different looks have been seen. The actress is in short hair in which she is wearing a tight fitting dress. Apart from this, she is also seen wearing a yellow colored bikini. Along with this, she is also in that saffron colored bikini which she wore during the song ‘Besharam Rang’. But there is a little twist here.

What changes happened after the instructions of the Censor Board?

By the way, there is not much difference between Deepika’s song outfit and the trailer outfit and she is also seen wearing a saffron colored bikini. But there is a difference of color in this wrap around bikini. The bikini that Deepika wore in the song was completely orange. But in the trailer, the top in which she is seen doing action scenes wearing a bikini is of white colour. In such a situation, it can be said that some scenes have been changed after getting instructions from the censor board.

Deepika’s outfit is not revealing

In the song, Deepika was wreaking havoc with her boldness in bikini dress. Her dress was also quite revealing which became the cause of controversy. But in the trailer, the producers have specially taken care that the dress should not be too revealing and any kind of controversy should not arise regarding it. By the way, only after the release of the film, it will be clearly revealed that what changes were made in it.

How is the trailer of the film?

Talking about the trailer of the film, it is an action packed trailer in which Shahrukh Khan is seen doing tremendous stunts. It is clear from the trailer that VFX has been used extensively in it. The trailer is giving clues about all the characters of the film and the fans have high hopes that when the film is released on January 25, 2023, it will prove to be an overdose of entertainment for the audience.

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