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Hema Malini reached Vrindavan, sang Siksashtakam hymn, devotees immersed in devotion


Veteran actress of Bollywood industry and BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini reached Vrindavan last evening. During this, a video of the actress is becoming quite viral on social media.

Hema Malini reached Vrindavan, sang Siksashtakam hymn, devotees immersed in devotion

Hema Malini, the veteran actress of the Bollywood industry, is currently a part of politics after showing her acting prowess in films. However, Hema dominates the social media every day. The veteran actress often takes time out from her work and is seen engrossed in the devotion of God. Recently BJP MP Hema Malini reached Vrindavan. Where he also went to Bhajan in Lord Radharaman temple.

A video is currently going viral on social media. In this video going viral, Hema Malini is seen singing bhajan. Actually, the actress had reached Vrindavan on Saturday. Here in Radha Raman Temple, Hema Malini was seen engrossed in devotion to Krishna. Among thousands of devotees, Hema Malini hummed Siksashtakam hymn at Radha Raman temple. Seeing Hema singing hymns with such passion, the devotees present there were also immersed in devotion.

Hema Malini sang about 4 bhajans for 30 minutes. MP and actress Hema Malini believes in Lord Krishna a lot. The actress first sang the bhajan ‘Na Radha Na Meera Hoon, Main To Krishna Deewani Hoon’. Every devotee present there with him was singing this hymn. After this he hummed the hymn Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. It has been seen for the first time that Hema has sung a bhajan in public like this. During this, applause also rang for him in the temple and everyone loudly chanted Radha Krishna.

This video of Hema Malini is becoming quite viral on social media. This style of the actress is very much liked by her fans. Everyone is seen praising him. Tell me, before singing the hymn, he had darshan of Lord Radha Raman Lal and also received the prasad. During this, the actress said that she has recorded hymns. He has worshiped God through dance, but the bhajan singing happened only with the blessings of Radharaman ji.

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