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“Hellbound” actor Yoo Ah In’s drug dealer arrested

The actor was the subject of a lot of criticism after the news was published

Korean actor Yoo Ah In’s drug dealer has been arrested. The doctor was found to be illegally using drugs at the same time as supplying them.

It was recently revealed that popular actor Yoo Ah In has been called on suspicion of using the drug Propofol. He was then asked to provide a hair and urine sample. The urine sample tested positive for marijuana use and the hair sample tested positive for propofol, ketamine and cocaine.

The actor faced a lot of criticism after the news broke and it was revealed that he may have been involved in drug addiction for a long time. The police carried out a search and seizure in several clinics and medical offices for the case.

His doctor was found to be self-administering propofol on March 13 and was charged on March 16. According Koreabooit was reported that the doctor is a close friend of the actor and runs a clinic in Gangnam.

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