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Harry Styles Eyes ‘Married’ Shania Twain After Olivia Wilde Split


Harry Styles is said to have laid eyes on Shania Twain as she is married to businessman Frédéric Thiébaud after his breakup with Olivia Wilde.

An insider said National applicant that the watermelon sugar The 28-year-old singer has no problem dating older women after a romance with Wilde, 38.

“Harry loves Shania,” an insider said, adding that the former A direction band member “had a huge crush on her when he was little.”

The source went on to allege that Styles “can’t believe his luck that he gets to hang out” with the Canadian singer-songwriter now.

Even though the report of Styles crushing Twain is yet to be confirmed, however, she called performing with him during Coachella “one of the highlights” of her career in an interview with Today.

The From now on The singer said she first met Styles “he was really on his way up” and they “have stayed in touch ever since.”

“He invited me to the Coachella performance,” she added. “We’re just very easy together, it’s like we’ve known each other for a very long time.”

The source further stated that Twain can relate to what it feels like to have a crush on someone older as she “had a crush” on Elvis Presley “as a kid.”

“But she never got to meet him,” the source shared, adding, “So she understands how Harry might feel.”

But “it’s a little different for Harry” because “Shania is still as hot as she was when Harry developed his childhood crush,” the outlet shared.

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