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Harnaaz Sandhu’s steps faltered on the stage of Miss Universe, tears spilled


Miss Universe 2022: America’s R Bonnie Gabriel has won the title of Miss Universe 2022. During this, former Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu appeared on the stage. A video of Harnaz is becoming quite viral on social media.

Harnaaz Sandhu's steps faltered on the stage of Miss Universe, tears spilled

Miss Universe 2022 : The result of Miss Universe 2022 has come in front of everyone. This title has been named after America’s R Bonnie Gabriel. The golden crown of Teej is decorated on R Boney Gabriel’s head. On the other hand, India’s Divita was already out of the top 5 race. The news of Divita’s exit broke the hearts of the people of India. But R Boney Gabriel defeated all the beauties and wore the crown of victory on his head.

As it happens every time, the former Miss Universe crowns the new Miss Universe. In such a situation, India’s former Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu completed this ceremony on this special occasion. Many videos of this period are becoming increasingly viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that Harnaaz Sandhu walks the ramp on the stage to complete the ceremony. During this, Harnaaz becomes very emotional after finding herself on that stage once again.

She has gained recognition and fame in the world from the platform of Miss Universe. In such a situation, she is unable to control her tears and tears start appearing in her eyes. Although even after being emotional, she moves forward while walking the ramp, but only then her steps falter. Harnaaz manages herself and completes her walk. In the end, Harnaaz says ‘Namaste Universe’ with folded hands to everyone.

Harnaaz walked like a queen on Miss Universe 2022. Along with this, his speech was also being played in the background. On the other hand, talk about India’s Divita Rai, she made it to the top 16, but she was out of the top 5 race. Whereas Dominican Republic, USA and Venezuela were selected for the top 3. In which R Boney Gabriel won by defeating everyone.

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