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Hailey Bieber Steps Out in Style Amid ‘Baby Nepo’ Debate


Hailey Bieber is well known for her keen sense of fashion. She is beautiful, and she knows how to behave elegantly.

On Sunday evening, she was spotted with husband Justin as they headed out for a cheese and wine party in Beverly Hills.

The married couple opted for a stylish yet fashionable look for the night at Wally’s, with Hailey opting for a gray sweatshirt and leather trench coat.

Meanwhile, Justin donned his signature shabby-chic style, wearing an oversized t-shirt under a sky blue and yellow plaid shirt.

Their Sunday appearance comes after the model stepped out in Los Angeles on Friday, Jan. 6, 2023, in boyfriend jeans with a studded belt and a white crop top that simply had “Nepo Baby” printed on the front.

The pointy t-shirt comes after New York Vulture magazine’s viral coverage of celebrity privilege with famous parents, an article that sparked much debate among many Hollywood stars, per Entertainment Tonight.

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