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‘Girls of the country should learn from her’, Honey Singh praises Urfi Javed


Honey Singh And Uorfi Javed: Bollywood rapper Honey Singh remains in discussion about his statements. In such a situation, once again Honey Singh has given a statement, which is continuously going viral on social media.

'Girls of the country should learn from her', Honey Singh praises Urfi Javed

Social media sensation Urfi Javed remains in limelight every day. Urfi’s colorful clothes and her impeccable style always attract everyone’s attention. There is no match for Urfi who has become the queen of DIY fashion. However, his outspokenness often brings him on the target of social media users. But meanwhile, Bollywood rapper Honey Singh has praised Urfi Javed. Honey has appreciated her hotness and her work.

Actually these days Honey Singh Yulia is busy promoting his new song. During the promotion itself, the rapper was seen talking about Urfi Javed. Honey Singh said during an interview given during this, I love that girl very much, she is very fearless and brave and wants to live her life in her own way, I think all the girls of our country should learn from her. .

Honey Singh further said that, whatever you decide to do, without hesitation, without fear of anyone, no matter where you come from, no matter what religion, caste or family you belong to. Don’t do everything that is not in your family but do what your heart says, without fear of anyone. Apart from this, the rapper asked to listen to his parents, because he did not do it himself and by doing so he was ruined.

Honey Singh remains in a lot of discussion about his professional life as well as his personal life. The rapper is in discussion about his new album 3.0. At the same time, Honey and his wife got divorced last year. At present, new love has knocked in his life. He is dating Tina Thadani. Tina and Honey have also worked together.

Desi artist sang in the year 2014 after which he disappeared for a long time and later he collaborated with partner singers in some songs. Talking about the present time, now Honey Singh is back with his new album ‘3.0’.

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