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Girl Generation’s K-pop veteran Taeyeon reveals her resignation letter

The company has been in the midst of controversy recently

Taeyeon of veteran K-pop group Girls Generation has posted his “resignation” letter to SM Entertainment. She has been with the company for over ten years and has worked with them in groups and solo.

The company was recently in the midst of controversy and it was revealed that Kakao will be acquiring SM Entertainment. Additionally, HYBE will drop plans to collaborate with them.

Taeyeon posted a screenshot from the TV series Glory which shows a paper with “Park Yeon Jin’s resignation letter.” wrote on it, but she changed the words to say “Kim Taeyeon’s resignation letter.” instead.

She paired it with a remaining quote: “Everything changes. Thoughts. Feelings. People. Everything you thought you were forever changes in the end.

Many fans believed this meant that she was leaving SM Entertainment and was referring to the situation within the agency.

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