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BTS’s Jin shares funny video of himself having fun in Argentina

BTS’ Jin has teamed up with Coldplay to perform his solo The Astronaut live for the first time.

Taking to his YouTube channel, Bangtan TV shared a video to show a glimpse of what he did ahead of his concert.

The video begins with Jin’s personalized message for ARMY which reads, “I’m going to Argentina, I’m connecting from the United States. I’m arriving in five hours. So the total airtime is about 34 to 35 hours. Because I wanted to put on the best performance I could so that will be the first revelation. But it’s hard, hard.”

He further added, “Consider spending the same amount of time going home. I spend about three days moving around. I respect everyone who tours. I’ve toured myself. From Korea to South America is really the other side of the globe. I have always wanted to visit South America. Coldplay gave me a very good opportunity to meet you, I am very happy about it .”

The following image has a preview of his airplane food. Additionally, Jin was shown playing video games but he was never able to win, despite multiple techniques. Finally, when he was able to win, he did a happy dance and said, “Wow, I finally made it. I didn’t know I would finish this game here. In five hours.”

Jin was also seen enjoying steaks, chocolates, and bread while playing video games. The video reaches its conclusion with Jin winning the game and celebrating by applying lip balm.

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