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Florence Pugh doesn’t want to do “the same thing over and over again”

Florence Pugh doesn’t want to do “the same thing over and over again”

Florence Pugh likes to balance mainstream films with Indie. The English actress stars in two of the biggest films of the year, that of Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer and starry science fiction Dune: part two.

However, the 27-year-old actress who doesn’t want to do “the same thing over and over” is also playing Allison in an independent drama. A good person.

Talk to digital spy Ahead of the release of A Good Person, the Little Women star spoke about the importance of working on quirky little movies:

“I think when I signed on to do Marvel, I was really kind of saddened that the independent film world was like, ‘Great, now she’s gone, she’s never coming back.'”

“I’ve always been a little miffed about it because I never saw myself as a one-trick pony. I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again.”

“The reason I got into this industry was through small independent films and I enjoyed the craft and learned the craft from them and then I work with massive crews and massive directors and massive movies which lasted for months.

“They both have completely different professions doing, and trying to do, the same thing which is just to affect at least one person. I like the difference between the two, so I always try to save time and take the odd little things too because they’re important.

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