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Five big things about Pathan, which will be seen in a Hindi film for the first time


All the protests on one side but the craze of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Pathan on the other. Know some unique things related to Pathan.

Five big things about Pathan, which will be seen in a Hindi film for the first time

The booking of Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika starrer film Pathan, which is slated to release on January 25, is going to start from January 20. But many records are expected to be made of this film before its release.

The latest information is that for the release of the film ‘Pathan’, the largest single screen theater ‘Gaiety’ in Bandra in Mumbai is going to break its years old tradition. The first show of ‘Pathan’ in ‘Getty’ will start at 9 am. And it will record itself. Earlier in the year 1972, the first show was held in ‘Getty’.

Apart from this, there are some big facts that prove ‘Pathan’ to be the most unique and unmatched film of Hindi. It is believed that these features were not seen in any other film before ‘Pathan’.

Five unique things about ‘Pathan’

  1. The first unique thing with ‘Pathan’ is being said about its end. It is being said that this film of Yash Raj Films is in the category of Spy Universe, whose end will be similar to the films of Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which 2 credit scenes will be given. It is understood that this will happen for the first time in India.
  2. In ‘Pathan’, action will be shown in this film completely different from the action scene shown in any Hindi films now. The heart-pounding action of the audience in ‘Pathan’ will be in IMAX format. It is being said that till now the film has not been made in IMAX FORMAT in India.
  3. The makers of Yash Raj Films are going to experiment something new in the film ‘Pathan’. For example, this film will also have a connection with Yash Raj’s earlier films such as WAR and Tiger. It will give a unique feeling to the viewers.
  4. In all the recent Hindi films with the theme of terrorism, such a character has been shown as a villain, who has been described as belonging to a particular religion somewhere, but in ‘Pathan’, terrorism or terrorists will not be said to be associated with any religion. Perhaps this film will try to tell that terror has no religion. He is the enemy of humanity. Here the villain will be presented a little robotic.
  5. The fifth point is also quite unique for this film. ‘Pathan’ will be the first such film which has been shot on MALLORCA ISLAND of Spain (SPIAN). However, after this film, Ranbir and Shraddha Kapoor’s film is being shot on this island.

Pathan is in controversy

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s upcoming film ‘Pathan’ has been in a lot of controversies over the past few days due to the song ‘Besharam Rang’. However, after the action of the Central Board of Film Certification, many controversial scenes of Pathan were asked to be removed.

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