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Fans worried after BTS’s Jungkook tears up during live stream

The idol spent more than two hours chatting with fans

Fans grew concerned after K-pop group BTS’ Jungkook started tearing up during a live broadcast on Weverse on March 14. The idol spent over two hours chatting with fans, sharing stories and playing music.

During the live stream, the singer started playing ambient music and jokingly narrated a guided meditation, trying to put people watching to sleep. He stopped after a few seconds and quietly stared at the screen, reading the comments.

Fans started expressing their concern in the comments section thinking the idol was in tears when he started rubbing his eyes and hiding his face behind his hands. Jungkook saw the comments and explained that he wasn’t crying, he was just reading what they were saying.

He also added that due to his rhinitis, he tends to get a runny nose when consuming alcohol, which makes him look like he’s crying.

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