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Fans worried after BTS’s Jimin cries in latest episode of Run BTS

The idol seemed to get upset during the episode

Fans are upset after BTS’s Jimin started crying in the latest episode of Run BTS. The episode showed the band as they played at a sports festival, enjoying unique versions of everyday games.

Playing everything from sliding football to mini volleyball, the group retained their usual competitive spirit while going head-to-head in every game. One of the most memorable moments of the episode was when Jimin started crying after teammate J-Hope blocked their goal, preventing them from winning.

According to Koreaboo, fans were worried that Jimin really cried when he became the next striker and tearfully told J-hope how good a goalkeeper he was. J-Hope and Suga even hugged the singer as he pretended to be more emotional than he actually was.

Luckily, her expression changed immediately the next second, showing that the idol was only joking. Fans took to Twitter to express their panic, saying they didn’t expect Jimin to start crying and started panicking at the scene.

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