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Fans shocked after K-pop group Aespa’s Ningning reveals health issue

She then showed off the eye drops she keeps with her

Fans of K-pop group Aespa are shocked after member Ningning explains how weak her eyesight is. The idol was announced to be the face of Vogue+ China March issue.

While working on set, they had her do an “In The Bag” interview where she showed viewers everything she was currently keeping in her bag. She revealed several miscellaneous things like face masks, scrunchies, and perfumes. She also admitted that she once again lost her Airpods.

She then showed off the eye drops she keeps with her, explaining why she has them. According to the idol, her “sight is not very good” and she even had to have surgery when she was young.

She went on to admit that she could barely see anything out of her right eye, something she hadn’t revealed to the public before. Fans got worried after watching the interview, wondering how Ningning handles all the bright lighting as an idol since people with low eyesight are very sensitive to light.

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