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Fans Demand Answers From Youtube As BTS’s Jimin MV Views Drop

The MV quickly became the number one video on YouTube in America

Fans of K-pop group BTS are demanding answers from YouTube as views on Jimin’s new MV see a significant drop. He dropped the pre-release track from his solo album Confront called Free me pt. 2 the 17th of March.

After the song was released, the group’s fans started streaming it on all streaming platforms, including the music video on HYBE Labels’ official Youtube channel. The MV quickly became the number one video on YouTube in America.

However, fans got angry when they noticed that the video’s view count was not only dropping, but also freezing. They started accusing YouTube of being corrupt and sabotaging BTS.

YouTube support responded to the criticism, explaining, “It’s not that we freeze views or they get shadowbanned, the reason this happens is because when they release ( comeback) or a streaming as you mentioned, it becomes a lot of users watch it and the platform stops counting views because there are too many.

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