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Fans debate Gomez’s casting amid show renewal

Netflix ‘Wednesday’: Fans debate Gomez’s casting amid show renewal

Netflix finally renewed Wednesday for a second season after weeks of speculation once the hit series aired its first season

After the initial joy of the renewal subsided, fans resumed another debate regarding the show’s cast. According to ScreenRantfans continue to be divided over casting Luis Guzmán for the role of sensitive Addams Family patriarch Gomez.

Despite Guzman’s startling similarity to Charles Addams’ original comic book precursor, his casting drew criticism due to the success of Raul Julia’s sophisticated portrayal of the character in the 1990s two Addams Family movies.

Gomez de Guzmán has a sweet relationship with his teenage daughter Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) in the Netflix series. A fan took to Instagram to reignite the casting debate.

In the music video, he can be heard saying that moon knight Actor Oscar Isaac would have played the role perfectly.

However, in the comments section, many fans were quick to point out that, keeping the original comic in mind, Guzman was the right choice.

One fan commented, “I hear this point from many but I disagree. I think Tim Burton made a good choice to mirror Charles Addams’ original designs.

“I think depending on the age, it wouldn’t work. Bc Wednesday is going to Nevermore 30 years after his parents, which means they must be around 48, so Oscar is too young,” said one user.

“Nah!!! Wednesday is a story told through the eyes of a teenage girl. Luis plays a loving Hispanic father perfectly,” said another.

“Noooo! The whole point of Gomez’s character is that he’s not classically handsome originally. A whole point of this character is that he’s not lucky enough to be born handsome. Instead from this he forges his own charms and character, he is neat and his behavior towards those close to him is incredible – and these are the sources of his charisma. This is the reason why I think he is the one of the most inspiring male role models,” one user suggested.

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