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Ex-flame Prince Harry takes on Meghan Markle amid ‘Spare’ release


Prince Harry’s alleged ex-flame Catherine Ommanney, who last year claimed she had an affair with a younger Harry, appeared to take a wild dig at Meghan Markle during a recent TV appearance .

Catherine made headlines late last year when she claimed she had a brief romance with a 21-year-old Prince Harry when she was 34, and on Tuesday she was invited to speak on Hello Brittanywhen Prince Harry’s memoir is published Spare.

Recalling her alleged romance with Harry, Catherina first shared “He had 20 year olds around him who wanted to be with him and I listened to him a lot but maybe the others didn’t. done and maybe that’s what he needed.”

Host Susanna Reid then asked him: “Do you think he found this in Meghan?” to which she replied, “I’m not going to slander Meghan – she’s done enough of it herself.”

The host then chimed in, saying, “I’m not suggesting you should slander her, I was looking at it positively.”

Catherine then said: “Well you’re saying in a positive way, I don’t know what he found in Meghan, I’m just really sad for him and the royal family because I don’t think he’s going to s ‘get over it quickly.’

It comes just as Prince Harry’s official book arrived in UK libraries on January 10, 2023, days after it leaked online and was accidentally published ahead of schedule in Spain.

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