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Eva Green Skipped Filming ‘A Patriot’ Over Hospital Apology

Eva Green Skipped Filming ‘A Patriot’ Over Hospital Apology

Eva Green avoided making a “shitty B movie”, a patriot film with an apology for hospitalization, the court heard.

According The GuardianTHE 300 The star asked his agent in a September 2019 Whatsapp message: “If they come back to you and say they’re going to continue with the film, what can we say…? Can we say that this situation m made me sick over the weekend? You could say I had to go to the hospital because I had a severe rash all over my body?

Later in the conversation, the 42-year-old sought the help of a doctor to back up the claim.

The revelation came to light in the Casino Royale actor’s court case against production company White Lantern, where the former is suing the latter for $1 million under the terms of his science project ‘pay or play’ contract. -fiction collapsed.

However, in return, the company sabotaged the production and exited the film, leading to its collapse.

Production company lawyer Max Mallin KC said the French actor went to the trouble of skipping filming the film by telling his agent, Charles Collier, to “make up a story about Mrs Green’s hospitalization”.

They added that Green “seemed to be considering faking a broken arm” to avoid playing.

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