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‘Euphoria’ Storm Reid expects ‘more smiles’ for her character in Season 3


Euphoria Actor Storm Reid is hoping for a less heartbreaking Season 3 and more smiles for his character.

According to the actor, the series has already covered a whole range of emotions over the past two seasons.

HBO’s teen drama created by Sam Levinson has earned a reputation for being extremely explicit, disturbing, and difficult to watch over the past two seasons.

During an interview with Screen Rant Storm Reid shared her expectations for Euphoria season 3 while promoting his new movie Missing.

The actor expressed his hopes for the upcoming season to be filled with smiles and laughter for Gia, while his overall expectation for season 3 is to be less heartbreaking.

“Gia, I hope you’ll smile. I hope you’ll laugh. I hope you get an ice cream or something! No, I hope we can see Gia [smile] more, but my overriding hope for Season 3 is just more levity, more joy, more grace.”

I think we’ve covered the whole spectrum of emotions in Euphoria over the past two seasons, so hopefully Season 3 will be a little less heartbreaking,” she said.

Euphoria follows Zendaya as a teenager recovering from her drug addiction, while struggling with relationships, mental health, and identity crisis.

On the HBO show, Reid stars as Gia, Zendaya’s often overlooked younger sister who plays Rue.

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