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Eternal Monarch Actor Woo Do Hwan Talks About New Drama


south korean actor The King: Eternal Monarch Woo Do Hwan talks about his new show Lawyer Joseon from MBC. He shared his thoughts on his character and why he chose the drama.

The show focuses on a Joseon dynasty lawyer who seeks revenge against the people responsible for the death of his parents. He explained that he chose to participate in the series because of his interest: “The script was so interesting that I didn’t give it too much thought. The most charming aspect is that there is no boring character.

Talking about his character, Kang Han Soo, he revealed, “He’s light-hearted but has depth, and he’s a genius like a fool. He has a mysterious charm that’s hard to understand. lines. Since this is a sageuk (historical drama) about law, there are a lot of unfamiliar expressions, so I work hard so that viewers can understand it well.

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