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Erika Girardi calls Lisa Rinna “the goat”

Erika Girardi calls Lisa Rinna “the goat”

Erika Girardi spoke about her friend Lisa Rinna after announcing her exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and said Lisa is “the GOAT” and will miss her dearly, as reported People.

Erika said in a recent interview that Lisa is a close friend of hers and she will be missed on the show and everyone will feel her absence on the show. She also called Lisa a coward because she didn’t show up for the show’s reunion.

Erika said: “They can’t. She’s the GOAT, I’m going to miss Lisa a lot. I mean, obviously, I think she’s a very close friend of mine in my personal life, so you know, I I’ll always see, but she will be missed and I think everyone will feel that.”

She added, “She’s a coward who ran away and couldn’t make it to the meeting and, therefore, I don’t think she was a good choice.”

Lisa announced her departure from the show last Thursday and the decision was made as Rinna’s contract expired at the end of last season.

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