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Emma Roberts says working with Diane Keaton was “a pleasure for her”


Emma Roberts opened up about her experience working with Diane Keaton in her upcoming film Maybe I do.

The actress spoke at the exclusive screening of her romantic comedy film on Tuesday.

Roberts said playing alongside Keaton, who plays her mother in the film, was a joy for her as she grew up watching Baby boom and First Women’s Club.

“I feel like I could just watch a Diane Keaton live stream all day because she’s so funny and so smart and so talented,” the 31-year-old actress explained.

“Even her mannerisms are so Diane Keaton. So it was really fun to share some breathing space with her,” she added.

Speaking of Richard Gere playing his dad in the movie Maybe I do the actress said it “made so much sense.”

“I loved him in ‘Runaway bride’ and ‘A pretty woman‘” mentioning two romantic comedy classics that also star his aunt, Julia Roberts.

“Obviously he worked with my aunt,” she continued, “so getting to work with him felt like coming full circle.”

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