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Emma Myers turns another actor into a Seventeen fan

The two will star together in a movie

Actress Emma Myers from the popular series Wednesday has converted another actor into a fan of K-pop group Seventeen. The actress is none other than Hollywood star Jennifer Garner.

The two will star in a movie together and have recently started spreading on social media because of their video. It seems that the young actress taught Jennifer Struggle Seventeen’s BSS sub-unit dance.

The couple can be seen dancing together for the Struggle Challenge as Jennifer follows Emma’s movements. Fans were thrilled that she managed to turn one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses into a Seventeen fan.

The two are set to star in a Netflix movie titled Leave with Ed Helms. Netflix also provided a synopsis for the film:

“In the new Netflix comedy Family Leave, the four members of the Walker family find themselves in a classically awkward Freaky Friday-style body swap, thanks to an untimely visit to an astrological reader. In order to find their bodies, parents and children will have to learn to understand and truly understand each other. It’s no easy task, especially on a busy day filled with college interviews, football tryouts, and other life-changing events.

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