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Emily Ratajkowski Reveals How She Left Sebastian Bear-McClard While Battling Anxiety

Emily Ratajkowski Reveals How She Left Sebastian Bear-McClard While Battling Anxiety

Emily Ratajkowski has candidly opened up about how she left husband Sebastian Bear-McClard as she struggled with anxiety and thought something was wrong with her.

However, things became “increasingly clear” for the model when Bear-McClard “crossed” a line with her following which she had the “courage” to leave him.

speaking on Become mental podcast, Ratajkowski said, “I didn’t have the courage to leave for a long time. I was really, really unhappy.”

“I weighed around 100 pounds and had just had a baby. I got really skinny because I wasn’t doing well,” she said before adding that she had tried “everything” to fit herself. happy and had even taken “antidepressants”.

“I was sure there was something wrong with me. I think a big part of what I learned from this relationship was to trust your instincts,” he said. she continued.

Ratajkowski went on to explain how the media portrays the idea that a person is incomplete without a partner, which makes it even harder to get out of a relationship.

“Every media that we consume from the second we’re born is basically this idea of ​​finding a partner who completes you and validates you,” said the model, who shares two-year-old Sylvester Apollo with the film producer.

“Also, I had just had a child,” she added, “so I really wanted to have this family, so it was especially hard for me to totally walk away.”

However, after Bear-McClard “crossed” a line with Ratajkowski, which she didn’t elaborate on, the model was brave enough to walk away from him.

“For me it was so clear and then it got clearer and clearer and clearer, which was good, which was clarifying,” she shared.

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