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Elton John raves about Dua Lipa at the 31st Annual Oscars Viewing Party

Elton John raves about Dua Lipa at the 31st Annual Oscars Viewing Party

Elton John admired Levitation singer Dua Lipa on the red carpet at John’s 31st Annual Oscars Viewing Party on Sunday.

In 2021, the duo collaborated on Cold heart (PNAU Remix), during a conversation with PEOPLE on Sunday, the 75-year-old music icon revealed that Lipa hardly needed his advice when the two collaborated on the song.

“She didn’t really need that much advice,” John said. “She’s so smart, and she’s so grounded, and so in touch with what’s going on. It’s a pleasure to be with her.”

THE goodbye yellow brick road The singer added, “I don’t really need to give her any advice. She’s doing really, really well.”

John and her husband, David Furnish, first met Lipa at an AIDS Foundation event, then went to dinner with the pop star, where they pitched the idea of ​​working together.

The duo’s song, which is an updated version of John’s 1972 classic Rocket Man, gave the singer his first UK hit chart in 16 years.

Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) also ranked 7 on the US Hot 100 billboard after reaching No. 1 in their native England.

The song also marked the lead single from John’s collaborative album, Lockdown sessions.

Last year the Cold heart the hitmakers have also teamed up to Variety question, where they talked about their bond and how the stars lined up to get them into the studio together.

“I adore her. She’s incredibly talented — absolutely brilliant — and so professional. It’s a pleasure to be with someone who is so young, has done so much already, and is so humble,” John said. about Lipa. “She’s also great fun and we get along like a house on fire.”

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