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Ellen DeGeneres films the destruction of Montecito due to heavy rain


Ellen DeGeneres recently gave fans a glimpse of the horrific conditions in her neighborhood of Montecito after heavy rain.

The famous talk show host is a neighbor of big-name celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Taking to Twitter, the 64-year-old dropped a video of herself standing right in front of her raging water. She said in the video, “It’s probably about 9 feet tall, and it could go up another 2 feet.”

“We have horses ready to evacuate,” she added.

Ellen added, “So Montecito is under full evacuation. The whole city. It’s the fifth anniversary of the fire and the mudslides that killed so many people and, uh, people lost their homes and their lives.

“It’s crazy that on the fifth anniversary we have unprecedented rains. This stream next to our house never flows.”

She urged her followers to be “kinder to Mother Nature”, saying, “Mother Nature is not happy with us. Stay safe everyone.”

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