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Elle Korea becomes a best-seller thanks to BTS’ V

The magazine published a secret tweet on March 11

K-pop group BTS’ V spins She Korea in the number one bestseller after his name is mentioned. The magazine posted a secret tweet on March 11 that simply said the words: “V is coming.”

The line was followed by a question asking who readers think will be the next cover model for the magazine’s April issue. Ads such as these are usually revealed with official photos or a teaser of the images, but for this issue they only released blind covers with the same words.

The user of the idol’s official emojis was confirmation for fans that the model in question would indeed be him. They also used a “Celineboy” hashtag, which fans said could imply that V would become a brand rep. Celine.

The tweet-related tags started to rank number one and second on Twitter globally. A few hours after the tweet, She Korea became the best-seller in several countries, being the first magazine to open pre-orders before revealing the cover.

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