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Elizabeth Banks travels the stage while showcasing the best visual effects

Oscars 2023: Elizabeth Banks takes the stage presenting the best visual effects

Elizabeth Banks fell on stage at the 2023 Academy Awards as she took the stage to present the award for Best Visual Effects.

THE cocaine bear The director was not nominated for an Oscar this year, but presented the award alongside someone in a bear costume.

Banks, 49, tripped over the long train of her stunning black and white Vivienne Westwood dress as she made her way to the winner’s announcement and barely managed to stay upright.

Although she did not fall, the hunger games alum was able to gracefully recover from that moment.

After leaving the stage, a person in a bear costume followed her and accompanied the actress to present the trophy to Avatar: The Way of Water.

“Oh my God, he tripped me,” Banks joked to the audience, blaming the animal for his tripping while joking that visual effects were a necessity in the film industry, especially for his new movie, Cocaine Bear.

Fans reacted to the moment and wrote, “And no mishaps happened at tonight’s Oscars haha! Good for everyone! Just almost with Elizabeth Banks’ almost trip”

Another joked, “Elizabeth Banks almost had a Jennifer Lawrence moment.”

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