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Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About ‘Paralyzing Fear’ After Mom’s Car Crash

Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About ‘Paralyzing Fear’ After Mom’s Car Crash

Dwayne Johnson just took to social media and updated fans on his mother’s health and safety, following her frightening traffic accident.

The Rock weighed in on it all via a short Instagram post that showed the extent of the damage to his mother’s car.

The post also featured a lengthy caption that began by exclaiming, “Thank god she’s fine.”

In The Rock’s eyes, “Angels of mercy watched over my mother as she was in a car accident late last night.”

“She will survive and continue to be evaluated,” he also added, offering comfort to fans.

The caption also offered insight into her mother’s personal battles in previous years and read: ‘This woman survived lung cancer, a rocky marriage, a head-on collision with a drunk driver and a suicide attempt . She’s a survivor, in a way that makes angels and miracles real.

“Thank you LAPD and LAFD for being so caring and focused. Thank you for staying on the phone and talking to me about all of this.

Before signing off, he even added a sweet reminder to fans everywhere and said, “I have one relative left so if you still have your mom and dad make sure you hug them tight because you never know when you will. get that 3 a.m. call that we never want to get.

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