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Drake recalls being rejected for ‘outfit choices’: Deets Inside

Drake recalls being rejected for ‘outfit choices’: Deets Inside

Drake recently reflected on his difficult days and how he couldn’t be signed due to “awful outfit choices” at the time.

According to Insider, the rapper recalled the “unfortunate” encounter with label executives while performing at Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater in New York City over the weekend.

“I came here with my uncle, trying to get me signed, you know? I think I sat in front of everyone for a week straight. And I was turned down by everyone for a week straight,” he told the crowd attending his concert.

The rapper continued, “In all honesty, my outfit choices were awful back then.”

“They said ‘I looked corny’. I don’t disagree. I was probably wearing Club Monaco khakis with a buttonhole or something. It was terrible,” Drake remarked.

Drake mentioned, “The thing is, I didn’t sign that first trip to New York.”

“I came home and had to go back to my mom’s basement because it didn’t go the way I thought it would,” he added.

Drake added, “So I went back and wrote some more songs to see if I could get signed, and eventually someone called.”

At the end of the concert, Drake expressed his gratitude to his ardent fans for supporting him over the years.

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