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‘Don’t have money to pay rent, have to party’- Ratan Rajput shares industry’s bitter truth


TV’s famous actress Ratan Rajput has put the bitter truth of the entertainment industry in front of everyone. He has made many big claims in his latest video.

'Don't have money to pay rent, have to party'- Ratan Rajput shares industry's bitter truth

Ratan Rajput Video: Was once a famous TV actress Ratan Rajput Has given his point in a video about the thinking of high class and low class in the entertainment industry. Ratan Rajput, who became a household name with ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’, often talks about issues on his YouTube channel. Now he has exposed a big truth of the entertainment industry. He has said that due to the pressure of high class and low class, many times the youth even commit suicide here.

In the video, Ratan Rajput says, “Many youths who are in the industry, or have come, or are coming, do many wrongs with themselves due to this pressure. Sometimes suicides also happen in this cycle. Don’t have money but have to give a party. Because the media has to show that I belong to the high class society. Even though there is no money to pay rent at home, they book big hotels. I have seen such people from top to bottom and then finished.

Ratan told the truth of high class and low class

At the beginning of her latest video, Ratan says that today I will talk about high class and low class. She says, “I come from a middle class family and the industry I work in is considered a very high class society.” She said that I consider myself above both these classes because I am seeing both.

Told the truth of the industry

He told that someone wrote that Ratan is an introvert and she can be comfortable only with people like herself and with low-class people. Ratan saw this question with great perspective and told the dark truth of the industry by making a video.

Ratan Rajput said that what is the condition of my industry now. There are so many such cases now, about which we can comfortably say that suicide should not have been done. Why did you take this step? She says that such small things shake people.

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