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Donna Mills reveals her workout secrets to staying fit

Donna Mills reveals her workout secrets to staying fit

Donna Mills revealed her secret to staying young and looking fit at the age of 82 in a recent interview and shared that her dedication to daily sweating has kept her young, as reported FoxNews.

Donna said she never missed her exercise and never thought of stopping it because of her age. Despite her professional commitments and her age, she still takes the time to train every day.

Donna said: “I’ve never stopped exercising just because I’m getting older. I think a lot of people tend to think, ‘I’m too old now. I don’t need to do this anymore. But I think it’s the opposite. You have to keep moving. I think it’s so important to sweat every day.”

She added, “There are days when it can be tough because I have to be on set at seven in the morning. But I think the key is to find that time each day where you can just sweat. I think it’s really important.”

Donna Mills rose to fame for her 1979 soap opera Landing nodes.

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