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Donatella Versace Talks Designing Britney Spears’ Wedding Dress

Donatella Versace Talks Designing Britney Spears’ Wedding Dress

Donatella Versace spoke about designing the dream wedding dress for Britney Spears for her nuptials to Sam Asghari.

The famous Italian fashion designer spoke to Emily Ratajkowski about her High Low with EmRata podcast about meeting the popstar for the first time in your twenties.

“The first designer…that she met in her life was me,” the fashion icon said of Spears. “She came to Milan, she was 20 or 21… she was at the height of her career, but she was so humble.”

“You know, I asked him to do some interviews for me,” she added. “‘Sure, yes, give me the list.’ She sat there doing everything, she never said no to anything. She was amazing.”

Speaking about designing Spears’ wedding attire, Versace said the experience was “incredible” and “it was amazing to see Britney, so liberated, so free,” in her dream ensemble.

“The wedding was very small, but very beautiful,” she said of her wedding day, adding that she “spent a few days with her” around the nuptials, just enjoying the company of the wedding. ‘other.

Earlier, in a statement to people magazineVersace shared, “Designing Britney and Sam’s wedding outfits came naturally to me.”

“A huge amount of love has been poured into every detail. Together with our Atelier, we’ve created a dress and tuxedo that exude elegance and glamour. They’re just perfect together!”

“Since we first met, Britney has always held a very special place in my heart,” she added. “Seeing her free, happy and now getting married makes me smile.”

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